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Risk Committee

The composition of the Risk Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Committee") is approved by the Resolution of the Supervisory Board of the Bank dated October 8, 2021 (Minutes No. 19):

  • Monastyrnaya M.N.: Committee Chairman, Non-Executive Director, Member of the Supervisory Board of "Belinvestbank" JSC

  • Kramarenko O.A.: Non-Executive Director, Member of the Supervisory Board of "Belinvestbank" JSC

  • Titov A.M.: Non-Executive Director, Member of the Supervisory Board of "Belinvestbank" JSC

  • Lagutik A.V.: Deputy Head of Department – Head of the Banking Operations Legal Support Office of the Legal Department

  • Shevchenko D.P.: Head of Risk Department, Officer in charge of the risk management within the Bank

The Committee is a consulting and advisory body coordinating the operation of risk management system within the Bank.

Committee's scope of creation and operation: the Bank's efficient risk and equity management complying with its risk profile, type and amount of banking transactions and other activities as well as ensuring the Bank's financial accountability.

The primary objective of the Committee: drawing up of resolutions of the Bank's Supervisory Board on issues within the competence of the Committee, in-depth examining of the issues and providing appropriate recommendations.

The Committee has the following powers:

  • Monitoring of the fulfillment of the Bank's Supervisory Board strategies and resolutions adopted with relation to risk profile and tolerance to the Bank's inherent risks

  • Examination of documentation concerning setting and the Bank's tolerance compliance with its inherent risks as well as risk appetite specified by the Bank's Supervisory Board in accordance with the Bank's local regulatory act shaping strategy and management policies for the Bank's risk management

  • Assessing risk management system on consolidated basis as well as that of the Bank and banking holding

  • Reviewing the reports on risk management system status as well as that of the Bank's risk level quarterly or on a more frequent basis and submission them to the Bank's Supervisory Board for examination

  • Considering the scenarios and results of the integrated stress testing of banking risk influence on capital adequacy

  • Reviewing and preliminary approval of the Bank's regulatory act draft specifying the strategy and policies of the Bank's risk management

  • Preliminary scrutinizing of the Bank's budget for upcoming year in interaction with other committees created by the Supervisory Board of the Bank

Over the nine months of 2021, thirteen meetings of the Risk Committee have been held.