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Documentary operations and trade financing

Belinvestbank JSC provides services of the maintaining of documentary transactions to correspondent banks. The Bank is ready to offer the arrangement of the confirmation of letters of credit, both on the covered basis and the uncovered one within the limits of the credit lines, issuing of guarantees against counter-guarantees of counterparty banks, conducting of collection operations and other.

 The Bank also conducts arrangement of the short-term post-financing of export letters of credit issued by foreign banks in favor of the clients of Belinvestbank JSC and other Belarusian banks. Post-financing is conducted within the limits of the credit lines. Acting as a nominated bank in these transactions and upon the request of a foreign issuing bank, Belinvestbank JSC conducts post-financing of the letters of credit issued by a foreign issuing bank in Belarussian roubles or hard currency at rates valid for the money market of the Republic of Belarus at the moment of such a transaction.

For additional information on the conduct of documentary operations please contact Trade & Export Finance Department: tel. (375 17) 239 56 19/ 239 55 16