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Interbank cooperation

Belinvestbank JSC has profound expertise in handling of interbank market transactions and provides the following services to banks:

- correspondent banking (account in Belarusian rubles and other currency);

- payments within an extended cut-off time;

- international trade transactions;

-booking (maintaining of a minimum balance) of funds on LORO accounts accruing interest at the rates of the interbank market;

- conversion payments;

- brokerage services on the securities market;

- precious metals transactions;

- banknote trade;

- REPO and SWAP transactions on the stock exchange and the OTC market;

- interbank borrowing/lending operations.

Belinvestbank JSC also is an active participant of the world trade finance market and offers the following services to banks:

- documentary letters of credit transactions both on covered and uncovered basis within the established credit lines;

- guarantee issue against the counter-guarantees of partner banks;

- collection business;

- short-term post-financing under export letters of credit.


For additional information, please contact Financial Institution & Financial Markets Department.

Tel. +375 17 239 56 42/+375 17 239 56 04