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Exchange Payment Online Tracker

Exchange Payment Online Tracker is a new service offered to legal entities and sole proprietors active within international business environment.

The Exchange Payment Online Tracker service allows you to keep the track of an exchange payment along its entire flow, its status within other bank, processing date and time as well as commission rate and transfer amount.

To use the Exchange Payment Online Tracker service, it is required to go to the ‘Documents Register’ menu – ‘Exchange Transactions Information’ within the Internet Banking system. Next, you should use the ‘Online Tracker’ button in the payments list.

After the payment has been settled by the Bank, the information on its gpi status will appear. The ‘Payment settled and sent to non-gpi bank’ status means that the payment is sent to the bank that has not joined SWIFT gpi yet. Further information on the payment may not be provided.

To date over 1 000 banks have joined the SWIFT gpi initiative across the world.

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You can find further information on fees here.