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  • Co-branding card
  • Cash-back from NA SVYAZI shops
  • Online issue without plastic

Fast and easy!

Apply for a card and replenish it online via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking
You can apply for a virtual card without visiting bank via the Internet Banking and Mobile Banking service

Программа лояльности «BIB-bonus»

To get cash back to your Cashelkoff virtual banking payment card from NA SVYAZI shops, scan QR code, create a loyalty card within the Wallet app, make purchases in the NA SVYAZI chain of shops and get double pleasure from shopping!
Инструкция по регистрации в программе лояльности «Cashelkoff» от салонов «НА’СВЯЗИ» и дальнейшему оформлению виртуальных банковских платежных карточек «Cashelkoff» посредством Межбанковской системы идентификации (для физических лиц, не являющихся клиентами ОАО «Белинвестбанк»)
Wave Wave Wave

Fast and easy!

Apply for a card and replenish it online via Internet Banking. Earning money has never been so easy!


How to apply for to:

You can apply for a card only via the Internet Banking and Mobile Banking system


  Fee for the Cashelkoff card issue and service within its validity term
  0 BYN
  Account currency
  Card validity term
  3 years
  Interest remuneration
  Abroad access
  Fee is not charged by default
  Internet access
  Connection with the help of the Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking without fee collection.
Is used in the Cashelkoff individual cards issue
Agreement (public offer) on the procedure for issue and use of the Cashelkoff co-branding virtual banking payment card



It is important to know

The amount of outcoming cashless transactions performed with the use of Cashelkoff cannot exceed:
3'000 BYN per day;
5'000 BYN per week.
You can apply for max 10 cards.
Depositing cash into card at "Belinvestbank" JSC cash points Per each depositing transaction regardless of its amount: 1.00 BYN
Cash withdrawal at "Belinvestbank" JSC cash points in accordance with card details within card account balance 5% (min 8.00 BYN)

Crediting of incoming cashless funds to card account:

- From "PALOMA SERVICE" LLC (the NA SVYAZI chain of shops)

- in other cases


fee is not charged

2.5% of amount (max 400 USD, 400 EUR, 30'000 RUB)