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Children card

Help to parents

  • Two bright designs
  • Possibility of issue as basic and supplementary card
  • Multi-purpose payment card


To whom can be issued Children card

  You are 14-17 years
  You can apply for a card:
  By yourself as basic card (if you have an ID document) with discount via the Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking or to the subdivision of "Belinvestbank" JSC;
  As supplementary card to Belinvestbank-issued basic card of your mother, father (or other statutory representative). It is sufficient to have a Birth Certificate.
  You are 6-13 years
  You can apply for a card:
  As supplementary card to Belinvestbank-issued basic card of your parents. Ask your mother or father to help you to apply for a card. In applying for a card, it is sufficient to specify your Birthday Certificate details.

Advantages of Children payment card compared to cash

  Payment cards are more convenient in paying for purchases as you can do without cash, which means there is no need to search for the appropriate banknotes, wait for change, rummage in your pockets and purses searching for change. Moreover, it is easier to have with you a small card than a large heavy purse.
  Lost cash is lost forever for it can used by anyone who finds it. But, if you have lost a payment card, immediately contacting the Bank you can prevent your card from unauthorized use, by blocking it.
Multi-purpose card
  More than 20 million retailers accept payment cards accross the world. If you should need cash, you can get it in advance or withdraw at the banks offices and ATMs in any country as well.
Constant and easy monitoring
  With the help of statements on payment cards it is easy to monitor your expenses (places and amounts).
Additional advantages
  Payment cards can participate in various loyalty and discount programs, not only local, by the way.
Go-to product for purchasing via post, phone or Internet
  Go-to product for purchasing via post, phone or Internet. Besides, paying for goods via post, phone or Internet is performed faster and easier with the help of payment card.
Children card features have practically no difference with that of any other payment card, your parents cards including. With the help of Children card you will be able to:
Make your everyday purchases at various merchants (stores, coffee shops, fast food outlets, hypermarkets, clubs)
Use your card for paying within Internet (goods purchasing within e-shops, paid accounts activating, funds transferring from cards to e-accounts)
Use your card abroad in whichever country you go
Pay for utilities and other services via the Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, ATMs and SSMs
Withdraw cash within ATMs and cash points
Carry out transactions 24h regardless the Bank's business hours
Wave Wave Wave

Fast and easy!

Apply for a card and replenish it online via Internet Banking. Earning money has never been so easy!


  Banking payment card
  Visa Classic
  Card type
  Основная личная - оформляется на ребёнка в возрасте 14-17 лет.
  Дополнительная личная к основной карточке родителя - при оформлении на ребёнка в возрасте 6-17 лет.
  Account currency
  Card validity term
  3 years
  Interest remuneration
  In the amount applied for basic card to which a supplementary card is issued
  Abroad access
  Fee is not charged by default
  Internet access
  Connection with the help of the Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking system without fee collection


Have questions?

You can get further information at the nearest office of "Belinvestbank" JSC or by the Call Center numbers: 146 and +375 17 239-02-39.
  Fee for the Visa Classic card issue and service within its validity term
  18 BYN: In case of card issue within the subdivision of "Belinvestbank" JSC
  14 BYN: In applying for a card via the Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking system
  Fees* for cash withdrawal
  At the ATMs of "Belinvestbank" JSC, JSC "Belagroprombank" and JSC "MTBank"
  Within account balance 0%
  On account of overdraft 0%
  Within cash points of "Belinvestbank" JSC
  0% within account balance
  On account of overdraft 0%
  At other ATMs of resident banks of the Republic of Belarus
  2.5% (min 3 BYN) within account balance
  2.5% (min 3 BYN) within account of overdraft
  Cashless payments at merchants
  Balance view
  Balance view on an additional Children card at ATMs/SSMs/Internet banking/Mobile banking is not available. A holder of the main Children card can view the balance via the Internet banking/Mobile banking/ATMs/SSMs.

*Other bank fee for cash withdrawal at cash points is not included.

The staff of "Belinvestbank" JSC have cared for you to get total control over the funds you give to your child in case it is necessary.
Modern and convenient control methods of funds spending on Children card provided by the bank:
  SMS notification
  Economical data plan (for Children card): within this service, the bank via SMS notifications to the specified mobile phone number will inform you on every outcoming transaction performed on account with the use of Children card or its details as well as inform your on some service transactions concerning its use (for example, the bank will inform you on card validity term expiration, its blocking and unblocking).
  Economical data plan (for Children card) within the SMS notification service is activated absolutely FOR FREE. Number of SMSs is limited.
  Characteristics of Children data plan activation
  - If you have already been using the SMS notification service in accordance with one of following data plan: Start/ Optima, it will be impossible to activate Economical data plan (for Children card) under these conditions. All SMSs which will come with regard to the transactions carried out on Children card are charged within the activated Start or Optima data plan in accordance with the Tariff Book of fees (remunerations) for transactions performed by “Belinvestbank” JSC.
  - Two or more Economical (for the Children card) data plans per one card registered for different phone numbers are not allowed.
Advantages of the SMS notification service activation for the Children card
  - Constant monitoring of fund spending on the Children card (you will receive a report for card transactions performed by your child in online mode to the specified phone number (transaction amount, time and place).
  - Control over authorized funds use (receiving SMS notifications on the Children card transactions, you will be always informed about its time and place of use. In that way, you will easily detect and take necesary measures in time in case unauthorized access to the account has been identified.
  Individual limits
  Special feature enabling flexibility in setting various restrictions on payment card which will allow you to manage your child expenses without leaving your armchair. Individual limits are modern and convenient tool to protect funds as well as set restrictions on Children card in terms of transaction amount, number, type, country and many more.
Manage your accounts remotely
Going abroad
How to act in case of emergency?
Helpful information

Banking payment card visual elements

Now, you have a Children Visa Classic payment card in front of you:

1. Name and/ or logo of the issuer bank: name and/ or logo of a bank that issued your payment card.
2. Chip: a microcircuit integrated into plastic and having the same role as the magnetic stripe, i.e. providing the performance of settlements with the use of payment card. Chip is a more secure and modern mechanism for data keeping and transmitting. 
3. Card number: 16 digits in line. Each four digits are separated from that four successive with space. 16 digits are the most popular card number lenght, but you can come accross numbers with other quantity of digits. 
4. Name and surname of cardholder, i.e. that of a person who will directly use the card and whose signature is located on the card back. On premium cards, name and surname of the cardholder are usually embossed, i.e. stamped. On some cards, for example, on pre-paid cards name and surname of the cardholder may be absent.
5. Validity term: is specified on the card in the MM/YY format and shows to which moment (including) the card is valid.
6. Payment system brand (with card type identifier): in example discussed, we can clearly see the Visa brand. For other card types (Visa Classic, Visa Gold, etc.) other obligatory identifiers are used that are characteristic for each specific payment card type (hologram, card colour, etc.).
7. Magnetic stripe: a stripe containing all the necessary data for settling with the payment card. Stripe damage and demagnetizing should be avoided as your card may be out of service.
8. Signature panel: a place where the cardholder puts his/her signature. In attempting to erase the signature and put a new one, an inscription concerning the card invalidity will appear within the panel.
9. CVV2 (CVC2): a 3-digit code on the card back ensuring additional security and designated especially for making settlements via the Internet as well as goods/services ordering by mail/telephone (MOTO). CVV2 acronym stands for Card Verification Value 2 and is used within the Visa International system. CVC2 acronym stands for Card Validation Code 2 and is used within the Mastercard International system.