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JOKER. Choice is obvious!

  • Money back up to 5% at your favourite merchants*
  • Cards delivery free service
  • Cash withdrawal without charge within the ATMs of non-resident banks of the Republic of Belarus

Advantages of the JOKER card

payWave contactless payments
Issue of a supplementary Visa Classic, Mastercard Standard (Mocnaya kartka), Visa Gold (contactless sticker included), Mastercard Gold card at choice of the cardholder without collecting fee for card issue and service within its validity term
Free Internet Banking
Free Mobile Banking
Possibility to select your favourite merchant category to be calculated increased remuneration in accordance with BIB Bonus loyalty program



BIB Bonus loyalty program

Внимание! Для начисления Money-back, код МСС ОТС должен соответствовать указанным в программе лояльности.
  Card product name
  Money back amount
  1.0% of cashless payment at merchants
  5.0% in 21 vek favourite category
  3.0% in the other merchant favourite category

You can change merchant category on your own to get increased money back using the Internet Banking RBS of "Belinvestbank" JSC once per 30 calendar days.

  Cashless transaction minimum amount at merchants
  10.00 BYN; 5.00 USD; 5.00 EUR
  Money back maximum amount per month
  50.00 BYN; 25.00 USD; 25.00 EUR
  For category: 100.00 BYN; 50.00 USD; 50.00 EUR
  5200 Home Supply Warehouse Stores
5712 Furniture, Home Furnishings, and Equipment Stores, Except for Appliances
5719 Miscellaneous Home Furnishing Speciality Stores
5722 Household Appliance Stores
5732 Electronic Sales
5039 Construction Materials, Not Elsewhere Classified
5211 Lumber and Building Materials Stores
5231 Paint and Wallpaper Stores
5198 Paints, Varnishes, and Supplies
5713 Floor Covering Stores
5950 Glassware/Crystal Stores
  5995 Pet Shops, Pet Foods, and Supplies Stores
0742 Veterinary Services
7998 Aquariums, Sea-aquariums, Dolphinariums
Food products
  5422 Freezer and Locker Meat Provisioners
5441 Confectionery Stores
5451 Dairy Products Stores
5462 Bakeries
5499 Misc. Food Stores – Convenience Stores and Speciality Markets
5411 Grocery Stores
5331 Variety Stores
  5013 Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts
5172 Petroleum and Petroleum Products
5531 Automobile Supply Stores
5532 Automotive Tire Stores
5533 Automotive Parts, Accessories Stores
5541 Service Stations (with or without ancillary services)
5542 Automated Fuel Dispensers
5983 Fuel – Fuel Oil, Wood, Coal, Liquefied Petroleum
7531 Automotive Body Repair Shops
7534 Tire Re-treading and Repair Shops
7535 Paint Shops – Automotive
7538 Automotive Service Shops
7542 Car Washes
7549 Towing Services
  5045 Computers, Computer Peripheral Equipment, Software
5072 Hardware Equipment and Supplies
5251 Hardware Stores
5734 Computer Software Stores
7379 Computer Maintenance and Repair Services, Not Elsewhere Classified
  5139 Commercial Footwear
5661 Shoe Stores
5131 Piece Goods, Notions, and Other Dry Goods
5611 Men’s and Boy’s Clothing and Accessories Stores
5621 Women’s Ready-to-Wear Stores
5631 Women’s Accessory and Speciality Shops
5641 Children’s and Infant’s Wear Stores
5651 Family Clothing Stores
5681 Furriers and Fur Shops
5691 Men’s and Women’s Clothing Stores
5699 Miscellaneous Apparel and Accessory Shops
5948 Leather Foods Stores
  4511 Airlines, Air Carriers, Not Listed Elsewhere
4131 Bus Lines, Including Charters, Tour Buses
4112 Passenger Railways
4468 Marinas, Marine Service, and Supplies
4582 Airports, Airport Terminals
4121 Taxicabs and Limousines
4722 Travel Agencies and Tour Operations
Health & Beauty
  5912 Drug Stores and Pharmacies
4119 Ambulance Services
8011 Doctors and Physicians, Not Elsewhere Classified
8021 Dentists and Orthodontists
8042 Optometrists and Ophthalmologists
8062 Hospitals
8071 Medical and Dental Laboratories
7298 Health and Beauty Shops
7230 Barber and Beauty Shops
7297 Massage Parlours
5655 Sports Apparel, Riding Apparel Stores
5941 Sporting Goods Stores
5940 Bicycle Shops – Sales and Service
5976 Orthopedic Goods, Prosthetic Devices
5975 Hearing Aids – Sales, Service, and Supply Stores
8099 Medical Services and Health Practitioners, Not Elsewhere Classified
  5311 Department Stores
5309 Duty Free Store
5945 Hobby, Toy, and Game Shops
5977 Cosmetic Stores
5947 Card Shops, Gift, Novelty, and Souvenir Shops
5992 Florists
5111 Stationery, Office Supplies, Printing, and Writing Paper
5192 Books, Periodicals, and Newspapers
5942 Book Stores
5943 Stationery Stores, Office and School Supply Stores
5994 News Dealers and Newsstands
5971 Art Dealers and Galleries
5094 Precious Stones and Metals, Watches and Jewellery
5944 Watch, Clock, Jewellery, and Silverware Stores
5946 Camera and Photographic Supply Stores
5733 Music Stores, Musical Instruments, Piano Sheet Music
5735 Record Shops
5949 Sewing, Needle, Fabric, and Price Goods Stores
5970 Artist’s Supply and Craft Shops
  7210 Laundry, Cleaning, and Garment Services
7211 Laundry – Family and Commercial
7216 Dry Cleaners
7221 Photographic Studios
7251 ОShoe Repair Shops and Shoe Shine Parlours, and Hat Cleaning Shops
7333 Commercial Photography, Art and Graphics
5697 Tailors, Seamstress, Mending, and Alterations
2842 Speciality Cleaning, Polishing, and Sanitation Preparations
7217 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
7349 Cleaning and Maintenance, Janitorial Services
7629 Electrical And Small Appliance Repair Shops
7631 Watch, Clock, and Jewellery Repair
  7932 Billiard and Pool Establishments
7933 Bowling Alleys
7991 Tourist Attractions and Exhibits
7829 Motion Pictures and Video Tape Production and Distribution
7832 Motion Picture Theaters
7996 Amusement Parks, Carnivals, Circuses, Fortune Tellers
5996 Swimming Pools – Sales, Service, and Supplies
5812 Eating places and Restaurants
5814 Fast Food Restaurants
5813 Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages), Bars, Taverns, Cocktail lounges, Nightclubs and Discotheques
5561 Recreational and Utility Trailers, Camp Dealers
  5912 Drug Stores and Pharmacies
4119 Ambulance Services
8011 Doctors and Physicians, Not Elsewhere Classified
8062 Hospitals
8071 Medical and Dental Laboratories
8099 Medical Services and Health Practitioners, Not Elsewhere Classified
  5399**** Department Stores
  **** An МСС within e-shop for transactions performed at site within the Internet wide area network with the use of card.

* Increased remuneration amount for cashless transactions with the use of card:

- In 21 vek favourite category - 5%,
- In the other merchant favourite category - 3%.

Basic remuneration amount for cashless transactions in using your card at merchants:1%.

** Free SMS notification within the Start, Individual, Economical, Incoming and International data plan.

Wave Wave Wave

Fast and easy!

Apply for a card and replenish it online via Internet Banking. Earning money has never been so easy!
  Banking payment card
  Visa Rewards is issued on Visa Gold payWave EMV white plastic
  Card type
  Basic individual card
  Cardholder category
  Individuals being residents as well as non-residents of the Republic of Belarus
  Account currency
  Card validity term
  3 years
  Withdrawal limit
  Is not set
  Interest accrued depending on BYN account daily balances
BYN up to 1'000.00 BYN - 0,01% p.a.
1'000.00 BYN and more - 2,00% p.a.
USD, EUR 0,01% p.a.
  Abroad access
  By default
  Internet access
  Optionally (at the cardholder's choice)
  Fee for card issue as well as card re-issue due to basic/ supplementary card term expiration
  is not charged
  Card service fee
  3.99 BYN* - before October 14, 2020.
  4.99 BYN* - after October 14, 2020.
  *Card service fee within its validity term is collected once per 30 calendar days in the amount set by Section 21 of Part VII of the Tariff Book of charges (remunerations) for transactions performed by "Belinvestbank" JSC.
  Within the first five days from the issue date, the fee is not charged.
  Before November 10, 2020 - Provided the cardholder ensures card cashless turnover in account currency in the amount not less than 700 BYN/ 350 USD / 350 EUR within 30 calendar days, regular card service fee within its validity term is not collected.
  From November 10, 2020 - Provided the cardholder ensures card cashless turnover in account currency in the amount not less than 900 BYN/ 350 USD / 350 EUR within 30 calendar days, regular card service fee within its validity term is not collected.
  Cash withdrawal fee in non-resident banks ATMs
  is not collected
Exhaustive tariff list on card transactions as well as other useful information, you can find here.