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Visa VirtualReality (Visa VR)

  • User-friendly
  • On-line application for
  • Secure Internet payments

Visa VirtualReality (Visa VR) is a card without physical medium (plastic) designated for making purchases within the Internet. You can apply for a virtual card without visiting bank via the Internet Banking and Mobile Banking service. Purchasing of a virtual card is:

  • Applying for and issuing of a card in online mode

  • Secure Internet payments

  • Easy card replenishment via Internet Banking as well as at the Bank's subdivisions

  • Classic card type (Visa Classic) at reasonable price

  • Card can be issued to residents as well as non-residentrs of the Republic of Belarus, registered users of the Bank's RBS or the IIS participants already having an activated card.

Wave Wave Wave

Fast and easy!

Apply for a card and replenish it online via Internet Banking. Earning money has never been so easy!


How to apply for to:

You can apply for a card only via the Internet Banking and Mobile Banking system


  Fee for the first Visa VR card issue and service within its validity term, for each currency
  Is not charged
  Fee for the second Visa VR and each successive card issue and service within its validity term, for each currency
  0.99 BYN
  Account currency
  Card validity term
  Up to 1 year
  Interest remuneration
  Abroad access
  Fee is not charged by default
  Internet access
  Connection with the help of the Internet Banking / Mobile Banking without fee collection.
Is used in the Visa VR individual cards issuing
Agreement (public offer) on the procedure for issue and use of the Visa VirtualReality (Visa VR) banking payment card



It is important to know

The amount of outcoming cashless transactions performed with the use of Visa VR* cannot exceed:
3'000 BYN per day;
5'000 BYN per week.
The card is issued after you have paid the appropriate remuneration if provided for by the Tariff Book.
You can apply for max 10 cards (in each currency).

* For the foreign currency Visa VR cards, the amount of outcoming cashless transactions is calculated on the basis of foreign exschange rates for banking payment cards set on the transaction date.

Depositing cash into card at "Belinvestbank" JSC cash points Per each depositing transaction regardless of its amount: 1.00 BYN, 1.00 USD, 1.00 EUR, 200.00 RUB depending on Account currency
Сash withdrawal at "Belinvestbank" JSC cash points in accordance with card details within card account balance 5% (min 8.00 BYN, 5.00 USD, 5.00 EUR, 300.00 RUB depending on Account currency)