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Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is a remote banking service for individuals that allows users to conduct banking transactions within the Internet in online mode with the help of a mobile device (mobile phone, tablet PC).


Mobile banking app is simple and user-friendly. It comprises complete service package for individuals which is available within the Internet banking system of the bank.

Mobile banking app is designated for devices operating on Android (version 4.2.Х and later) and iOS (version 7.Х and later) platform. Its installation is carried out by a customer on his/her own by downloading it from Play Market or App Store after the preliminary electronic registration within an appropriate store.
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With the help of Mobile banking app you can anytime:

1. Pay for public utilities and other services;

2. Carry out loan payments;

3. Transfer funds between cards and accounts;

4. Get account statements and follow exchange rates;

5. Complete a card application within online mode with a 20% discount;

6. Block/unblock your card;

7. Get connected to SMS notification service;

8. Set up Internet payments and abroad access option, and also get connected to 3-D Secure service to carry out secure payments with the help of your card within the Internet.

Mobile banking app also has the following advanced features:

- autocomplete of session key code within SMS code field when starting up mobile app with the use of an Android-based smartphone which has the same number as a phone used within Mobile banking app and Internet banking system;

- automatic session shutdown option when using an Android-based Mobile banking app and closing it without the use of Exit function;

- service points displayed on the map (ATMs, self-service terminals, bank units, exchange offices) and their opening hours with the use of mobile device geolocation function;

- instant QR-code payment for goods and services *

Brief instructions:

Enter Payment for Services Section within Mobile banking app, click on the QR-code scan icon (you can find it in the top-right corner of the screen). Point your smartphone camera on the QR-code – reading device will decode your data and you will be redirected to the payment page. Enter amount, confirm payment and carry it out. Service provider will be sent payment notification.

QR-code * is a two-dimensional barcode. It is used to code various data: address, billing details, company name, etc. Data encoding allows to read it in a convenient and fast mode with the help of special-purpose scanners within a mobile phone. QR-code which you can find on various slips facilitates and streamlines funds transfer.


Registration Procedure

Common customer registration data (username, password, mobile phone number, e-mail address) are used to get registered and carry out transactions within Mobile banking app and Internet banking system.

1) If a customer is registered within Internet banking system of the bank, in order to start up the app he/she should complete Username and Password fields and also enter four-digit session key which is sent to the his/her e-mail or mobile phone with an SMS.

2) If a customer is not registered within Internet banking system of the bank, he/she should get registered within Mobile banking app specifying his/her personal data to be used within Mobile banking app and Internet banking system of the bank:

A user can get registered within Mobile banking app in the self-service mode, i.e. he/she should open Belinvestbank Mobile banking app on his/her mobile device and then click on the Registration button.

Then the user should read and understand the standard form contract for the rendering of remote banking services as well as data security policy.

We pay your attention to the fact that the contract for the rendering of remote banking services by Belinvestbank JSC is stipulated in Russian.

Registration within Mobile Banking comprises:

- selection and entry of an individual username which will be further used to get logged in within the system. The username should be unique and contain from 6 to 20 symbols.

- entry of user’s e-mail address;

- entry of password and its repetition. When choosing a password you should take into account the informative sign within the Password field.

After entering all symbols click on the Create an account button.

If the data entered are correct when pressing Create an account button the user gets registered within the Mobile banking.

When starting up Mobile banking app with the help of session key which is sent to e-mail, a customer can only use light version of Mobile banking app (the similar applies to the light version of Internet banking) in which there will be:

- denied access to Accounts and deposits section;

- denied access to Settings section;

- not allowed to update card list;

- not allowed to deactivate cards;

- set the limit on card debit transactions [non-cash payments (except for loan repayment transactions) + funds transfers from your card to other person’s or bank’s card] in the amount totalling no more than 20 Belarusian roubles per day.

Mobile banking session timer is 10 min.

If a user is inactive within the specified period of time, the session is automatically closed.

When starting up Mobile banking app:

1) if a session key is misentered three times, an account is suspended for 30 min;

2) if a password is misentered five times, an account is suspended for 3 hours. Unblocking of a client's account (when it is temporarily suspended) is carried out in his/her applying to the Contact Center. The service cost is 2 Belarusian roubles.