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Deputy Chairman of the Board Igor Boreiko: "A triathlon allows you to know yourself"

There is less than two weeks before the Minsk Triathlon 2021 starts. The competition is the largest traditional triathlon race in Belarus for amateurs and professional sportsmen of cyclic kinds of sport which is held according to the international Ironman standards. The competitions will be held on 26 June, 2021 along the central streets of Minsk. It is planned that the number of participants will conclude about 2 thousand people. This year's motto: "A triathlon is a family sports festival". Belinvestbank became the golden partner of its starts.

The competition will be attended by a team of the bank’s sportsmen which will be headed by its traditional ambassador of starts, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Belinvestbank JSC Igor Boreiko. Last year, he first overcame 1/4 Ironman and this year will also reach this distance. A characteristic feature of the Minsk Triathlon is that many corporate teams participate in it. The day before the event at a press conference which precedes starts the top manager told why business chooses a triathlon:

A triathlon allows you to know yourself, it trains endurance, favorably affects not only the body, but also changes the pattern of thought, adds confidence. This sport teaches not to stop at what has been achieved, to set new goals for yourself all the time, not to give in to difficulties. These qualities are undoubtedly in demand in various areas of business, banking is also not the exception.

Supporting sport and a healthy lifestyle is one of the areas of corporate social responsibility and an important component of the positioning as an EcoLogical bank. Belinvestbank is not just a partner of the competitions, the bank’s employees are active participants in various triathlon distances. This year, the representatives of the bank’s team are announced to participate in four distances. Among them are 1/8 Ironman whose partner is Belinvestbank.

This year, the organizers offered sportsmen the following distances:

  • 1/2 Ironman (1900 m swimming + 90 km cycling + 21 km running);

  • 1/4 Ironman (950 m swimming + 45 km cycling + 10.5 km running);

  • 1/8 Ironman (475 m swimming + 22.5 km cycling + 5.25 km running).

Also, participants will be able to try their hand at both individual and relay races. Relay races are such a race format in which one person swims, the second rides a bicycle, and the third runs.

Thematic races will be organized for women and children: the Minsk Lady Run and the TriKids.

The event will end with an award ceremony for winners and prize-winners.

On 26 June, on the spot of the finish the organizers promise a large entertainment program. And the day before the starts, on 25 June, a sports fair-exhibition – EXPO – will be organized at the place of registration.

Every year the Minsk Triathlon is becoming more and more popular not only among residents of Belarus, but also among citizens of other countries. At the moment, participants from 12 countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belgium, Egypt, Russia, etc.) have registered in the competition.

Information on how last year's triathlon competitions in Minsk were held you can find here.

For reference: A triathlon is an Olympic sport, including swimming, cycling and running stages. Triathletes are called IRONMAN which is translated as an "iron man". The same name has a classic triathlon which is considered the hardest trial on the planet and has a format: 3800 m swimming + 180 km cycling + 42 km running.

Competition route:

In the Minsk Triathlon 2021 the start for the swimming stage will be the Minsk Sea (the base of the Belarusian Federation of Sailing). The cycling will take place along a route: Road H9036, Pobediteley Avenue. The running stage will end on the area next to the Palace of Sports.