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Belinvestbank financed the construction of a degassing station at a landfill for household waste

A new eco-friendly project was financed by Belinvestbank as part of its "green" policy. The construction of a degassing station at a landfill for solid household (municipal) waste will be possible thanks to trade finance instruments provided by the First EcoLogical Bank. The station will appear at the Trostenetsky solid waste landfill and the Trostenets municipal solid waste landfill near Minsk. It will enable to reduce uncontrolled greenhouse gas emissions and generate clean electricity.

"The implementation of the "green" agenda is an important component of Belinvestbank's development. As a result of a deep transformation that the bank and all its employees have gone through, EcoLogicality has become a part of our Strategy. It was facilitated, first of all, by close cooperation with foreign partners and the communications established for over almost thirty years of history," noted Andrey Brishtelev, Chairman of the Board of Belinvestbank JSC. "The introduction of ESG principles – environmental, social and corporate governance – was a response to the challenges on achieving sustainable development goals. In the last few years alone, there have been financed major projects related to the production of eco-friendly materials and the development of alternative energy sources with a total amount in excess of 70 million euros. I am sure that "investments in the future" or, in other words, the development of technologies that can change the world for the better, will soon become an integral part of the development strategy of any company. And together with the main goal of business – to make a profit – there will be another equal goal – to be involved in global ideas that can change the world."

It should be noted that it is not the first project on the construction of biogas collection and disposal systems financed by Belinvestbank. The purpose of such projects is to effectively recover and dispose gas that is generated at landfills as a result of the degradation of landfilled organic waste. Its unavoidable entry into the atmosphere is accompanied by emissions of organic pollutants.

"Our company is a leading company in the development and planning of technologies for the environment, waste processing, use of alternative green energy," noted Valery Laptenok, Director of TelDaFax Ecotech MN CJSC. "The project on degassing the Trostenetsky solid waste landfill and the Trostenets municipal solid waste landfill near Minsk is being implemented in stages and was begun in 2009. A distinctive feature of such projects is the need to expand the gas drainage system as the landfill grows in order to have the possibility to collect the maximum amount of gas produced. The quick filling of the landfill led to the need to implement the next stage. The construction of biogas collection and disposal systems will reduce uncontrolled greenhouse gas emissions. In the future competent processing of biogas will enable to receive electricity from it. The facility is expected to be placed in commission in December 2021."

At the landfill near Minsk landfill gas extraction will be carried out through a system of horizontal drainage channels. In the future gas will be used as fuel for reciprocating plants that generate electric energy. It means that as a result of the project, in addition to minimizing the impact of landfills on the natural environment, there will increase a share of renewable energy sources in the country's energy balance.

Furthermore, the implementation of this project will reduce uncontrolled emissions of methane – greenhouse gas – into the atmosphere of Minsk. It means that it will contribute to improve the environmental safety of the country.

Among other side effects occurring at landfills that are not equipped with degassing stations, there is the presence of non-methane organic compounds. They cause an unpleasant smell that usually spreads around landfills. Some of organic substances have a pronounced toxic effect and seriously affect the vital activities of the surrounding flora. It doesn’t enable to sufficiently carry out effective recultivation of closed landfills.

The accumulation of gases in the body of the landfill often causes spontaneous combustion of waste. In such cases, the combustion process is accompanied by the formation of a wide range of toxic substances.

Today, the presence of biogas collection and disposal systems is a mandatory requirement for the construction of landfills in most developed countries of the world. Currently, this requirement is also imposed when designing landfills in our country.

We remind you that from 1 June, 2021 the first EcoLogical Bank of the country expanded financing opportunities for eco-friendly companies. The resources provided by Belinvestbank can be used to introduce energy-efficient solutions into the activities of the organization, energy conservation, as well as the implementation of projects in the field of renewable energy. The implementation of eco-friendly projects proposed by representatives of micro-, small, medium, large and largest businesses is carried out with the involvement of trade finance instruments.

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