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NEW: Cash payments for services without a card are available in Belinvestbank’s Cash-in ATMs

Do you have cash, but no bank card, and do you urgently need to pay for any service? Use Cash-in ATMs. From today, a new functionality is available in them – payment for services by cash without a bank card. We will tell you how it works.

Cash-in devices are ATMs where it is possible to make replenishment by cash. These devices also carry out such functions:

  • withdrawal of cash from a wallet of Oplati™ using a QR code;

  • replenishment of a wallet of Oplati™ through a cash deposit using a QR code;

  • currency exchange.

To know where such ATMs are located can be done on Belinvestbank’s website.

When paying for services by cash without a bank card, the algorithm of actions is quite simple.

1. Enter the selection menu "OPERATIONS WITHOUT A CARD", than press the lower left or right side buttons.

2. Select the transaction type "PAYMENTS BY CASH".

3. The "tree" of the ERIP with a list of main service groups will be displayed on the ATM’s screen

Select the required service using side arrows "UP" and "DOWN". If a touch screen has been activated, click on the desired service on the ATM’s screen.

Click "NEXT" in order to navigate within the tree.

To exit the screen without performing any operation, press the button "CANCEL", and the ATM will return to a standby mode.

4. Fill in all required payment details. Indicate or receive the amount due. You can enter numbers on a keyboard for entering the PIN.

If you need to fill in payment details to complete your payment, go to the on-screen keyboard. To do this, select the required field and press the button "ENTER".

A keyboard will appear on the ATM’s screen. The selection of the necessary symbols on it can be carried out both by using the ATM’s side buttons or by pressing the desired symbol on the ATM’s screen if a touch screen has been activated.

5. Put the banknotes in the tray for receiving/issuing them. A list of banknotes accepted will be displayed on the screen in the deposit currency selected.

6. Press the button "CONTINUE", and the banknotes deposited will be checked and the amount will be determined. The amount deposited will be displayed on the screen.

At this stage, you can:

  • Interrupt the transaction and then return the cash deposited– the button "CANCEL";

  • Increase the amount deposited by adding banknotes – the button "ADD BANKNOTES";

  • Continue the operation – the button "CONTINUE".

7. Check the transaction information: the amount deposited, amount of withdrawal, amount of balance (change), the service selected.

8. Attention! ATM don't give a change. If the amount of balance is not 0, you will be asked to select a service to transfer this balance to a mobile operator or charity.

If you select one of the following services: A1, MTS, Life:), you must indicate the mobile phone number to which you want to transfer the amount of balance.

9. Click the button "PAY". After clicking this button, it is IMPOSSIBLE to return the banknotes deposited!

10. Select whether you want to print a transaction receipt. It is NOT possible to refuse to print a receipt if the operation has a balance of funds.

11. The inscription "OPERATION IS COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY" will appear on the screen.

Please be informed that you can get details on the banks products and services by the phone numbers of the Call Center: 146 or +375 17 239-02-39 or with the help of Online Support service as well as within Internet banking system. Moreover, you can ask any questions you like via ViberTelegram and Facebook Messenger.