Cash transfer Belinvestbank

International cash transfer via the Western Union system

•Sending transfers in foreign currency (USD) to any country where there is a company’s agency;
•Cash payment of transfers in foreign currency within 10-15 minutes after it was sent from any country where there is a company’s agency.

American company Western Union has been dealing with cash transfers since 1871. These cash transfers allow transferring funds over any distance in a matter of minutes without opening a bank account. The acceptance and payment of cash transferred is made in 200 countries of the world at more than 240000 customer services points.

Payment for cash transfers abroad (in USD)

Transfer amount


50,00 or less


50,01 - 100,00


100,01 - 200,00


200,01 - 300,00


300,01 - 400,00


400,01 - 500,00


500,01 - 750,00


750,01 - 1000,00


1000,01 - 1500,00


1500,01 - 1750,00


1750,01 - 2000,00


2000,01 - 2500,00


2500,01 - 3000,00



1. For sent amounts exceeding USD 3.000,00 in each next interval equal to USD 500, 20 US dollars are added to the payment for sending the transfer.

2. Increase of payment for sending the transfer when rendering additional services (in USD):

3. Cheque delivered to a Recipient:
• Dominican Republic -3,00
• the Philippines -5.00
• Ecuador -7.00
• Other countries in which this service is rendered -13.00

Notification by wire/telephone:

• Vietnam -2.00,
• Other countries in which this service is rendered – 3.00


• Not exceeding 20 words – 3.00,
• over 20 words – 3.00+0.2 for each word over 20


Quick pay service allows an individual to make a payment to an organization registered in the Western Union system. These payments must not be of commercial nature (e.g. payment for education, tourist services, various charges, other transfers). The conformation of the transfer sending arrives at the Recipient’s in several minutes.

Payment for “Quick pay”cash transfers (in USD)

Transfer amount


0,01 - 3000,00


3000,01 - 5000,00



• The maximum amount for a Quick pay cash transfer is USD 5.000,00.
• If the Recipient refuses to accept money, he/she may return them to the Sender via the Western Union System (on the basis of a written application of a Sender the principal sum of the transfer is returned to him/her; payment for the transfer sending shall not be refunded), or directly, bypassing the System.
• If currency in which a Quick pay cash transfer is sent to the Recipient differs from the currency in which such transfer is made by the Sender, then the transfer sum shall be converted at the rate determined in the Western Union System.



CONTACT Cash Transfers mean:
• Simplicity and ease of making the transfer;
• Vast network of service points all over the world and in the Republic of Belarus;
• Low commission;
• The transfer commission is paid by a Sender, a Recipient gets the transfer amount in full;
• Minimum information on the Recipient (as a rule, name and first name only).

Using services of Belinvestbank, JSC in the sphere of international cash transfers via the CONTACT system you may send or receive money in Russian rubles, USD and EURO all over the world without opening an account (Russia, the CIS countries, Baltic countries, non-CIS countries) – 57 countries in total.

The commission of 2% of cash transfer (maximum 99 US dollars or EURO, or 3.500,00 Russian rubles – depending on the transfer currency) shall be paid by the sender only (the commission may differ insignificantly when transferring money to non-CIS countries).

Cash shall be paid to a Recipient in full without any deductions.

The maximum amount of the transfer is limited by the CONTACT system and makes USD/EURO 10,000.00 or RUR 350.000,00. The amount of the maximum sum of a transfer sent may be additionally limited depending on requirements of a foreign bank of the Recipient on payment (crediting) of transfers. A chain of service points of Belinvestbank, JSC for cash transfers within the CONTACT system is the largest in the Republic of Belarus – more than 80 points in 24 cities and towns.

Cash transfer received by one of our branches may be paid at any service point without changing transfer details by the sender.

In order to send or receive a cash transfer you may turn to any branch of Belinvestbank, JSC. You must have your passport (a residence permit, a refugee certificate).