Financing of Investment Projects Belinvestbank

Belinvestbank, JSC offers the following investment credits:

- for purchase of vehicles, building machinery, real estate, production equipment;

- for performing export and import transactions;

- for capital spendings (construction of new projects, expansion of existing productions, technical retrofitting, modernization of existing productions).

Investment credits are granted for the period of up to 5 years taking into account actual or estimated performance of the borrower, payback period, term of equipment commissioning, investment activity of the borrower, service life of procured non-current assets and other factors.

There is also a possibility for crediting foreign currency investment projects being repaid in currency, including at the expense of foreign banks’ credit lines (trade and export financing).

Interest rate for each investment credit shall be established individually.

No additional commissions levied in connection with the credit granting.

Credit repayment may be made monthly or within any other agreed time limits. It is possible to repay according to the schedule as per the terms of commissioning of the credited objects and/or seasonal nature of production.

The minimum credit amount is unlimited.

The maximum credit amount shall be determined by the bank taking into consideration the credit risk level, needs of the borrower for credit resources taking into account his/her solvency and goodwill, turnovers on current (settlement) accounts, proposed means of ensuring performance under the credit agreement, scope and quality of securing.

Performance under the credit agreement may be secured by the following:

- pledge of movable and immovable property (including property rights) of the borrower;

- cash security deposit;

- a guarantee and/or letter of comfort from legal entities;

- insuring credit default risk;

- other methods provided for by the legislation or the agreement.

The granted collateral must be sufficient to cover bank requirements relating to the repayment of the whole amount of the principal debt and interest due and payable within the next 12 months, as well as for the reimbursement of possible losses, expenses connected with the satisfaction of requirements by the bank at the expense of the collateral.