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The bank’s work to develop correspondent relationships with domestic and foreign financial institutions is aimed at satisfying customers needs in the sphere of non-cash payments, as well as the one of the bank when performing transactions at foreign financial markets.

The bank pays special attention to reputation and reliability of correspondent banks, quality and cost of services offered for Nostro accounts, as well as to the expansion of the range of services rendered to correspondent banks per Loro accounts and improvement of the quality of those services.

Opening of Loro accounts by the bank and making interbank and client payments to correspondent banks is performed in strict correspondence with “Know Your Customer” procedures that comply with laws of the Republic of Belarus, regulatory requirements of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on Combating Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, as well as international standards in this sphere.

As the correspondent chain is constructed in the optimal way the bank is able to render a whole range of high-quality financial services to its customers in the sphere of international settlements. One of the aspects of efficient satisfaction of customers needs in performing settlements is also a large branch chain of Belinvestbank, JSC across all of Belarus that provides access to international settlements for all customers irrespective of their location.

The main settlement currencies in the foreign trade activity of bank customers are still US Dollars, EURO, and Russian rubles. All methods of payments and settlements are performed by the bank with the use of electronic communication, mainly via SWIFT.

Development of cooperation with banks is intended both for the expansion of the scope of banks counterparts at the interbank market and for the effective performance of settlements for the customers. While expanding the correspondent relationships geography Belinvestbank, JSC pays particular attention to the development of relations with financial organizations of the CIS and Baltic countries, Western and Eastern Europe, USA, since traditionally cooperation of Belinvestbank, JSC with banks of these countries has been the priority area of activity. Belinvestbank, JSC has been cooperating with financial institutions of the People's Republic of China since 2005.

The significant increase of the amount of limits and credit lines set for Belinvestbank, JSC both by banks of the CIS and Baltic countries and by the largest financial institutions in Western and Eastern Europe testifies to the considerable strengthening of the banks reputation at foreign financial markets.

Each year, Belinvestbank, JSC is awarded by the major foreign financial institutions for quality processing of payment orders in USD and EURO. Acknowledgment of Belinvestbank, JSC by the largest clearing banks servicing correspondent accounts of leading banks all over the world is the biggest praise for the banks work. To be given these awards means to confirm that arrangement of international settlements by Belinvestbank, JSC complies with high requirements of international banking standards.

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