Currency Exchange Belinvestbank

Belinvestbank, JSC is active in conducting transactions at Forex international foreign currency market and is an operator for banks, legal entities and individuals - residents and non-residents of the Republic of Belarus.

The main areas of activity of the Bank in this market are the following:
- Conversion transactions for corporate customers. Implementation of requests of the customers for conversion of one currency into another at the bank’s rate without commission for such transactions. The bank conducts foreign currency purchase and sale transactions for Belarusian rubles. Specialists of Belinvestbank, JSC render assistance to customers in choosing the foreign currency risks hedging strategy for export and import transactions. Transactions in the international currency market.
- Belinvestbank, JSC purchases and sells of US dollars, EURO and Russian rubles for hard currency and Belarusian rubles. The bank gives current market quotations to banks. The work with banks is performed on the basis of reciprocal contracts and limits established for each other, or per inflow of monetary funds.

Yuliya Vladimirovna Kostenevich Directorof Treasury (375 17) 289 28 38
Zhanna Serafimovna Mosejchuk Head of Liquidity Management (375 17) 239 01 37
Igor Aleksandrovich Piskunov Head of FX Dealing (375 17) 239 01 14
Pavel Vladimirovich Kovalev FX Dealing (375 17) 239 01 14