Interbank Cooperation Belinvestbank

Belinvestbank, JSC has a long working experience on the interbank market and renders the following services to correspondent banks:

• Opening and maintenance of correspondent accounts in Belarusian rubles and foreign currency;
Making payments with the optimal operation time;
Making payments upon the customers’ requests, including for foreign trade transactions, performing settlements on interbank transactions (conversion, deposit, banknote transactions);
“booking” (maintaining of a precautionary balance) of funds deposited in loro accounts on terms of interest accrual at rates of the interbank market;
Making payments with conversion;
Rendering brokerage services at the securities market;
Rendering intermediary services and access to internal and international currency markets, forward market and precious metals market;
Purchase and sale of cash currency;
Making REPO transactions, SWAP at exchange and over-the-counter markets;
Interbank crediting transactions;
Organizing acceptance of letters of credit either on covered basis or on uncovered basis within the framework of limits (opened credit lines);
Issue of guarantees against counter-guarantees of contractor banks;
Arranging short-term post-financing of export letters of credit opened by foreign banks both for the benefit of customers of Belinvestbank, JSC proper and customers of other Belarusian banks.

Financial institutions
Tel. (375 17) 239 55 18/ 239 55 17

Trade and Export Finance
Tel. (375 17) 239 56 19/ 239 55 16

Tel. (375 17) 239 01 37/ 239 01 14